What do we offer?

QBTec provides QuickBooks help, assistance, training, accounting support and troubleshooting.

We work with businesses in the island of Jersey. QuickBooks is the main focus and a considerable amount of experience has been gained over the last ten years dealing with the many differing requirements of businesses.

Each business like each person is different. Each has certain expectations that they want to fulfil by using QuickBooks, each has a certain way of working and a certain level of knowledge and experience. This is where QBTec comes in. Training and support is highly individual and customisable to meet your requirements.

It does not come in a box or go by fixed book. This is especially important because however good as QuickBooks is, it is still an off the shelf package which does come in a box and includes a manual to follow. To truly customise it to your requirements takes both knowledge and experience.

If you have plenty of time you can do it the hard way, all by your self. You can read the manual, have the experiences, make the mistakes, put them right, learn from them, maybe read up on bookkeeping and study accounting and by the end of it you will be in almost the same place as if you had taken the easy way, except you will have used up a lot of your valuable time not to mention energy and doubtless had some frustrating "Learning" experiences along the way.

The better way is to have QBTec help you. It has been our experience of the last ten years of working with QuickBooks that a little help at the beginning goes a long way. Once on the right course most people can continue with just a little help from time to time. The greatest challenges that we have experienced are when businesses have started off with QuickBooks with no training, no support and little knowledge, and the mistakes that were small have over the months and years have grown and accumulated to form a tangled accounting web. Even then this situation is not lost and is recoverable with some work.

What QBtec offers to you is:

  • Great experience and knowledge with QuickBooks to help you in your business
  • Background in Jersey accounting practices and requirements. We can speak your Accountants language as well as your own!
  • Broad range of experience of the many different types of businesses and business practices to draw on in relation to your business and its requirements.