Information Especially for Accountants

Services of special interest to Accountants include:

  • Alignment of opening balances in QuickBooks to match balances shown in previous final accounts.
  • Say goodbye to accounts data where the cut-off for previous years is hopelessly inaccurate.
  • Pre-processing of QuickBooks accounts prior to handing over to the Accountant.
  • No more unreconciled bank accounts or make-believe Debtors, Creditors and P&L figures.
  • Client QuickBooks training, advice and customisation to meet the individual requirements of the business/person.
  • Help for the client to get the most from their accounts and to work efficiently.

QuickBooks Accounting "Disaster recovery"

No matter what state the QuickBooks accounts are in they can be transformed into proper accounting records and the client then trained in how to keep them correctly and up to date.

For example, the client has had QuickBooks for 2 years; they had no training, no help and no idea. They need accounts prepared. What to do? Either throw away everything and start again or call QBTec for Accounting "Disaster recovery"

Training and demonstration of QuickBooks for Accountants.

If you or your staff want to know more about QuickBooks then let us help - either by way of a general introduction or by showing you the best way to work with a specific set of QuickBooks accounts.

All training is fully flexible and can take place at your own premises at times convenient to you.

For small business QuickBooks is the future.

Never before has there been so much power available in a package which is so easy to use. Knowing how QuickBooks works including the underlying accounting is therefore of increasing importance to any Accounting professional working with small businesses.

QBTec's Key Service Features:-

  • Acting as the vital link between the QuickBooks program and Jersey small business accounting
  • Fully trained in Accounts preparation in Jersey
  • Association of Accounting Technician qualified
  • Over 10 years of experience with QuickBooks
  • Completely Flexible training and support methods